Hawaii Photo Contest – Share Your Hawaii Photos!

Share Your Hawaii Photos! Join with our many travelers and share your favorite pictures from your trips to Hawaii. You could win your choice of any 2 of our shirts from for your photo submission. One winner will be drawn each month. So, come back monthly to see who the winner is, and post more photos! Visit our Hawaii [...] Read More

First Time Renting Cars in Hawaii

There are always first time users arriving at our website Having never rented a car online before, they are a little skeptical about the process, and if they will actually be renting a car. I love dealing with these customers when they phone us at our 1 800 292 1930 number. They always want to [...] Read More

Navigating around our own Website

There is so much for tourists to discover about Hawaii by just navigating around our own website, We have a very extensive "links" section under the heading of "More" on the first page of our website. Today I spent some time just looking at the Hawaii Info Guide located at If I was a tourist [...] Read More