First Time Renting Cars in Hawaii

There are always first time users arriving at our website Having never rented a car online before, they are a little skeptical about the process, and if they will actually be renting a car. I love dealing with these customers when they phone us at our 1 800 292 1930 number. They always want to know what it will cost them to book through us, and they always want to know why our prices are so much better than everywhere else they have looked.

I like to explain a little bit about our company, that we have been in business for over ten years in Hawaii, and our main goal is to provide the lowest possible prices to our customers, by providing great customer service, and as much information about Hawaii and the car rental as we possibly can. I like to ask questions regarding the number of passengers, the islands they will be traveling to, their luggage requirements, and if they will be visiting areas where parking is difficult.

I always recommend options that may save the client some money, such as packing their own child seats, and checking their own car insurance policies and credit cards for any possible savings on insurance coverage, as well as choosing a vehicle wherever possible from an off airport location to save the $4.50/day customer facility charges. If the customer is staying in Waikiki, they may only need a vehicle for a day or two during the day to travel to other areas on the Island, and we can provide same day pick up and drop off within Waikiki, with shuttle service to and from their hotels/condos to the rental companies.