Cheap Molokai Car Rental Rates

Molokai Island

Molokai offers a more traditional Hawaiian atmosphere then the more popular Hawaiian Islands. A much slower and nature oriented experience with real “Aloha Spirit”. There are no mega resort spas and no real night life. This small island, 38 miles by 10 miles offers nature without all the tourist fanfare. There are no street lights and no buildings taller than the palm trees. In 2007 Molokai was ranked 10th on the National Geographic Center for Sustainable Destinations Listing by a panel of 522 experts in sustainable tourism and destination stewardship.

There is no bus service on Molokai so a rental car will be necessary to access the island’s scenic hiking trails and explore the surrounding waterfalls, beaches, coves, coral reefs and rainforests. Since there is only one national rental company operating on Molokai it is best to book far ahead.

Molokai Milage and Drive Times From Molokai Airport (MKK)

  • Molokai Hotel – 9 miles ~ 17 minutes
  • Aqua Hotel Molokai – 20 miles ~ 37 minutes
  • Kaunakakai – 8 miles ~ 15 minutes
  • Kalaupapa – 9 miles ~ 15 minutes
  • Halawa – 36 miles ~ 2 hours
  • Kamalo – 14 miles ~ 30 minutes
  • Kepuhi – 15 miles ~ 25 minutes