Navigating around our own Website

There is so much for tourists to discover about Hawaii by just navigating around our own website, We have a very extensive “links” section under the heading of “More” on the first page of our website. Today I spent some time just looking at the Hawaii Info Guide located at If I was a tourist I would want to know about this – it has a vast amount of information on hiking, camping, biking, beaches, and anything else I would want to know about. I am going to explore this further in my writing over time – I like the simplicity and easy access this site provides. And of course, for car rentals, it links visitors directly our own website. Got to love that!!!!

I clicked on “lu`aus” just for fun, and found out a little about the meaning of the word: A traditional native Hawaiian feast and festival, much like the potluck of the Native American First Nations. It was/is used to celebrate special occasions, including the birth of a child, a battle won, a successful harvest and other events of significant importance to the family and community. It is really about the sharing of community with others – sharing of harvest, native foods, traditions, in ways of honor to the gods and elders. The original word was “`aha `aina” and meant gathering for a meal. The word “lu`au” is a more modern term, and is derived from the taro leaves that are used to wrap the food before is it placed in the pit underground to be cooked.

I can see why tourists flock to these attractions to absorb some of the native traditions of the Islands. I would like to experience a truly authentic lu`au one day and be sure, when I do, I will share my experience.

Back to the site for some more information: This time I clicked on the Big Island and then on “snow skiing” (who would have thought?). Here is a whole article on snow skiing on the Mauna Kea mountain summit. And of course, the words Mauna Kea are Hawaiian for “white mountain”. What an experience this could be for an adventure seeking tourist – there are no lifts, no grooming, and no resorts to rest at, but yes, a road goes to the summit. There are a number of observatories located there, and access is by 4 wheel drive vehicle. (Better check in with your rental company before you take your rental vehicle here.) Funny – looks like the ski lift consists of skiers taking turns driving each other from the bottom to the top and then skiing back down. I guess you need to take a friend along. Looks like the best months to ski are between November and April when the temperatures are a little more like Winter. Wow, I guess I would have to pack my skis along with my surfboard for this trip!!!!!