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We set out to promote tourism in Hawaii in 2000. Our goal was to offer affordable accommodations and car rentals for Hawaiian visitors on our sister site “Condo in Hawaii”. was established in response to visitor feedback when some “Condo in Hawaii” visitors had rented vehicles at much higher rates through other agencies and were unable to cancel and rebook at our lower rates because they had to pay in advance. Our site would provide rates that could be booked and cancelled without any issues. A few years later we established, a Hawaii visitor guide and directory of links to more Hawaii accommodations and attractions. This became a very popular site for visitors looking for everything about Hawaii tourism.

Our strategy is to offer personalized service while searching for the LOWEST RATES for your Hawaii car rental in true Aloha Spirit.

Customer Service Representatives are available up to 18 hours/day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or assist with any problems you may encounter whether it concerns your car rental or general information about renting vehicles in Hawaii. You can contact us through the live chat at the bottom of this website, our contact form, or phone toll free 1-800-292-1930.

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