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Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Hawaiian Adventure

Choosing the right vehicle before you arrive is the goal. Consider the size of your party, and the amount of luggage they will bring. Some families also need to bring car seats, strollers, etc., and will need space to accommodate all of their belongings. Choosing a vehicle that is priced well but is too small could end up costing you a lot more money than you originally planned, as you will be facing an upgrade at the counter, without discounts or any other benefits. You will be at the mercy of the car rental counter.

Consider what activities you wish to participate in, and how you will get there. If you are a small group of people or a couple, you may wish to consider a small vehicle that is easiest to park in tight parking areas. Or you may wish to experience a total top down convertible, knowing you can put the top up with the push of a button if the weather changes, or you have had enough sun. Large groups may want to travel together in one vehicle so they can enjoy each other while they travel – a larger 12 or 15 passenger van may be ideal.

Comfort, budget and parking are all considerations you will want to accommodate as you go about choosing the right vehicle for your trip. Our agents are here to help – we have many suggestions that would help you decide what option will best suit your needs. All you need to do is ask – we are happy to suggest options, and give you travel tips that can make your experience more enjoyable.

Hawaii Rental Car Types


EVs come in different forms such as all-electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and hybrid electric vehicles. All-electric vehicles are powered entirely by electricity and have a range of around 100-300 miles on a single charge, depending on the model. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have a smaller battery and can run on gasoline or electricity, while hybrid electric vehicles have a smaller battery and rely mainly on gasoline but also use electricity to improve efficiency.
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Typically this is a 2 or 4 door vehicle that seats 4 smaller people. Some models are hatchbacks and some have small trunks. These models take 1-2 pieces of standard size luggage in the trunk or hatch.
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These 4-door vehicles are slightly smaller than the full-size cars, yet a little roomier than Economy/Compact-size cars. They can seat up to 5 passengers and hold 2-3 pieces of standard size luggage in the trunk.
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Jeep Wrangler

If you’re looking for that extra fun factor in Hawaii driving a Jeep Wrangler while touring the islands offers a thrill that defies description. They are simply perfect for an outdoor adventure. They feel safe, and the high forward seating provides better viewing opportunities. Most Jeep Wranglers in Hawaii are now 4 doors, seating 5 people, with room for 2-3 pieces of standard luggage.
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Ideal for families or groups traveling with golf bags, strollers or scooters in addition to luggage — as well as people who enjoy sitting a little higher when driving. There are many varieties/sizes of SUV’s that can seat anywhere from 5 passengers up to 8. The amount of luggage/gear will depend on the number of passengers taking up seats.
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Perfect for families with young children and passengers that may have trouble stepping up into an SUV, or getting into a lower-sitting car. They are great for long rides and fun-filled outings to the beach as they are easy to pack and unpack. They seat 7 or 8 and hold 4-5 pieces of luggage. (Depending on the number of passengers). They are also ideal for groups of 5 that are travelling with lots of luggage which would not fit in a 5-passenger car or SUV.
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Pickup Truck

You can rent pickup trucks in a variety of sizes. Some people find them to be handy if they need to move items into an accommodation they have purchased, or are getting themselves settled into University and have to transport furniture when they arrive on the Island.
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Perfect for those seeking an open air experience while touring the islands. There’s no better way to soak up the sunshine while taking in all the beautiful scenery and sweet smells that Hawaii has to offer. Seats 4 with 2 pieces of luggage maximum.
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Ideal for couples enjoying a romantic getaway, as well as car enthusiasts or anyone looking to travel in style. They are higher-end brands with luxury features such as a sleek look, comfortable seats, plush interior and powerful engines. They are 4-door vehicles, with seating for 5 passengers and room for 4 pieces of luggage in the trunk.
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