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Travel Hawaii Resources & Car Rental Providers

Traveling to Hawaii for your vacation involves making a number of decisions such as planning where you would like to stay, what adventures you would like to participate in, and what island(s) you will be traveling to. One of the biggest decisions after you book your flights, will be what type of rental vehicle will work best?

We are here to help you with your decisions. Not only do we have many options on each island for car rentals that would suit your needs, we also have great customer service staff available to answer all of your questions, and help make your car rental experience as smooth and worry free as possible.

We also have options for booking Hawaii tours and adventures while on the islands, helping you discover the best experiences for your family, and making these happen on your schedule.


Tours and Activities

Tours and Activities are a popular way of experiencing Hawaii and all it has to offer. We have carefully curated individual tours for each island, and picked the top tours and activities for you to consider. Choose the page for the island you are visiting, and start planning your adventures.

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Things To Do in Hawaii

Are you looking for things to do while traveling to Hawaii? We have many options for you to explore.

Feel free to peruse our list of articles below, detailing the wide variety of activities that you can choose to partake in during your vacation in the Hawaiian islands.

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Hawaii Travel Tips

We have been helping clients book their Hawaiian vacations for over 20 years! After talking to so many customers, and assisting them with their questions about “everything Hawaii”, we decided to share our own travel tips and Hawaii travel resources with everyone.

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Rental Car Insurance

Insurance is always a big concern – Do I need to purchase insurance for my car rentals in Hawaii? Do I have enough coverage already? What coverage is needed? How much will it cost? We always recommend doing your homework on car insurance for your Hawaii rentals before you travel.

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Car Rental FAQs

Whether it’s your first time or your tenth time booking a car rental, you’ll likely have some questions about car rentals in Hawaii. Our in depth FAQ guide should be able to answer any question you may have. And if not, our friendly customer service staff are happy to help answer any additional questions you may have.

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Testimonials from users of this site.

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Persons with Disabilities

The car rental companies in Hawaii provide a variety of special equipment for persons with disabilities at no charge, and even allow a designated surrogate driver. They may not have every single piece of equipment that mainland outlets have, such as electric mobility scooter rentals, which are available at select locations on the mainland USA.

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Hawaii Car Rental Providers

Discount Hawaii Car Rental works with the major car rental companies in Hawaii. Each of these car rental providers has their own policies and procedures, and these can differ between car companies. This information is very important to renters, as you want to make sure you qualify for the rental car you are interested in booking. And of course, we are here to help if you have any questions about rental providers.

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Discount Hawaii Car Rental supports local Hawaiian businesses. By doing so, we feel we can keep the local economy strong and healthy for the citizens of Hawaii as well as visitors to the State. We have been working together with local businesses to provide coupons on each island.

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