Car Rentals at Honolulu Airport

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Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL), was formerly known as Honolulu International Airport and is often still called by that name for simplicity. The largest airport in the state of Hawaii handles flights from many countries around the world and consists of three terminals, all inter-connected by a regular “Wiki-Wiki” bus service. There are four active runways, including one of the world’s first major runways built entirely offshore – Reef Runway, which is 12,000 feet long.

More than 20 million visitors a year arrive at and depart from this airport, which is served by domestic and international carriers, as well as interisland airlines and commuter flights.

There are many opportunities for Canadian guests to enjoy Hawaiian culture right on the Airport Grounds, or in the terminal itself. Artwork is displayed around the terminals ranging from free-standing sculptures to murals, all commissioned by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. Made up of over 8,000 unique images, a giant mural commemorating the 50th anniversary of Hawaii’s statehood can be found on the Diamond Head Breezeway, of Concourse E. in Terminal 2. This mural features the work of students nationwide and is well worth a visit.

Your vacation on Oahu starts at the Honolulu Airport. After arriving from your flight and collecting your luggage, you are ready to explore everything this island has to offer. A lot of Canadian passengers ask the question “Do you need a car rental in Honolulu? And that answer is different for everyone. If you are staying in Waikiki, and you just want to park yourself at the beach, you could most likely manage without a Honolulu Airport car rental. You may be able to rent a car in Waikiki at one of the nearby Honolulu car rental locations for a day when needed. If you are planning on traveling across the island or staying on the North Shore, you will most likely need to rent a car in Honolulu to get around.

Pick up your Honolulu Airport car rental and start enjoying paradise!

What's available at Honolulu International Airport (HNL)?

In addition to picking up and dropping off rental cars in Honolulu Airport, Daniel K Inouye International Airport offers several real garden sites right on airport grounds. Chinese, Hawaiian and Japanese Gardens were all designed back in 1962 when the Airport was built on this site. These Gardens surround the Ticketing Lobby, and E Gates of the airport. The C.B Lansing Garden is located at ground level of Terminal 1. Visitors may also be able to enjoy free Hawaiian entertainment in the Lobby.

Free Wi-Fi is available, as well as a baggage storage facility for those passengers needing to leave their bags for long and short term storage periods. Computer terminals are also available at The Business Centre, and throughout the airport that can be accessed for a small fee.
Fresh floral greetings are popular, as welcoming visitors with a Lei is an important tradition here. You can pre-arrange your Lei greeting prior to arrival, with the actual greeting happening in the baggage claim area. Lei stands are located on airport grounds and Lei are also available from Florist shops and carts within the terminals, coming in many varieties of popular Hawaiian flowers.

Persons with Disabilities will find this airport accessible for wheelchairs, with assistance and support available upon request from the Porter Services. Skycap (porter) Services are trained to assist travelers with disabilities. Text telephones are available for the deaf and hard of hearing.

A 24-hour medical clinic is located in the main terminal on the ground level in the garden court area. VIP Staff are located at booths throughout the airport to assist travelers and provide information. Automated External Defibrillators are located about every 90 seconds of walking distance through the public areas of the airport.

Restaurants and snack bars are available alongside higher-end boutique, and Duty Free shops. A large variety of shopping opportunities are available while you wait for your connecting flight to visit another Island or your return flight home.

A brand new Honolulu Airport car rental structure has just been completed with funding coming entirely from the daily customer facility charge of $4.50/day charged for all rental cars. The new CONRAC Consolidated Car Rental Facility , built with energy efficiency in the forefront, has it all, and all of the major car rental companies are now located at this new facility. Honolulu Airport car rentals have become easier and more efficient, making your car rental in Honolulu an experience you can actually enjoy.

Honolulu Airport (HNL) Location Information and Map

300 Rodgers Boulevard, Honolulu HI 96819, United States
(808) 836-6411

Honolulu Airport Car Rental Companies

Alamo Rent A Car
Avis Rent A Car
Budget Rent A Car
Dollar Rent A Car
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Thrifty Car Rental

All of the Honolulu Airport car rental companies are now located at the new 11-acre, 1.8 million foot Consolidated Rent-A-Car (Conrac) Facility. Access to this facility is easy – you can stroll over from Terminal 2, or take the consolidated shuttle from Terminal 1.

Some of the Honolulu Airport car rental companies that were previously located off-airport have now moved to this new location inside a single building, so almost all suppliers are now located in the new facility. Curious about which car rentals Honolulu Airport has located at the new Conrac Facility?

You will find Alamo Rent a Car, Avis Car Rental, Budget Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz, Payless Car Rental, and Thrifty Car Rental. Each car company will have its own Honolulu Airport Car Rental hours, which will be the hours of operation, and our system will only allow you to book the best car rental Honolulu Airport has to offer when they are open.


  • Make sure you have all of your documents ready when you disembark, so you know which Honolulu Airport car rental company you will be looking for. This will include your car rental confirmation number and/or email with the details about your rental, such as Honolulu rental car airport dropoff and pickup times, locations, etc.
  • Check prices with us from time to time – as HNL car rental companies can change their rates depending on availability. Sometimes an HNL rental car shows up at a lower rate than expected, and it could be a larger or sportier model, or even one that’s more compact and less expensive than the one already booked. Book it, and once you have it confirmed, cancel the original booking, freeing that car up for someone else to book.
  • The rental cars Honolulu Airport has are often less expensive than car rental prices in Waikiki. Waikiki is a resort town, and they are known to charge higher rates more often. If you are looking to save money, choose a HNL airport car rental location.
  • If your driver(s) are between the ages of 20-24 we have certain car companies that have lower young driver rates. Young drivers get an additional daily charge added at the counter – that fee does not show up when you book the car or van, but will register at the counter when you show your driver’s license. Make sure you read the fine details to confirm the type of vehicle you want to book qualifies for young drivers as some HNL Airport car rental companies do not rent some specialty vehicles or larger vehicles to young drivers, and some do not allow young drivers to use debit cards. This is all detailed in the fine print. If you need help with this, please call us and we can go over all of the details with you to make sure you qualify for the car you book, and avoid added expenses and disappointment at the car rental counter at Honolulu Airport.


Should I book a rental car before arriving at Honolulu Airport?

It is always a good idea to book your HNL airport rental car in advance, so it is ready to drive when you arrive. Honolulu rental car costs can be higher at the airport when you arrive, as you and other customers are now subject to whatever is available at the rates being offered. Sometimes rental cars are sold out, and you could find yourself spending way more time than you want just procuring a vehicle that will suit your family. When you book your flight, secure your rental car as soon as possible. You can always search our website again later, and if prices do go down, you can rebook and when prices rise, which they often do closer to your departure date, you know you have the best price available and are guaranteed to get the best rental car Honolulu Airport has to offer.

What do I need to provide at the rental counter when arriving?

As a renter, bring your confirmation # with you to your pick-up location. At this time you’ll be given all of the rental information including rental policies and drop-off information. Your driver’s license is always a necessity. An International Driver’s Permit may be needed as an additional document if your driver’s license is not in English. A credit card matching the name of the main driver, or a debit card may be accepted if it has a Visa or MasterCard Logo, and passes a credit check where required. You will need to bring the additional drivers, their driver’s licenses, and credit cards to the car rental counter as well. The decision is always up to you and what matters most, whether it is to spend the least amount of money, and still get around, or spend a little more and allow the driving to enhance your total experience as you feel the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair.

How can I get car rental deals at Honolulu International Airport (HNL)?

After booking with Discount Hawaii Rental Car, be sure to frequently check back. If you visit our website at a later date and see that prices have gone down, you can rebook at a lower rate, but if prices rise, which they often do closer to your departure date, you know you already have the best price available and a guaranteed vehicle. Prices can get very high closer to holidays and high seasons, so booking in advance can assist you in avoiding this rise in rates as well.

What types of car rentals are available at Honolulu Airport?

There are many types of car rental HNL has available. You won’t need a specialty 4WD to visit any spot on the Island that rental cars are allowed. Your choice of vehicle will depend on what type of experience you desire, whether it is a “top down, open air feeling” from a convertible, a “sporty ride” in a Wrangler or SUV, or a larger minivan or smaller economy class to accommodate your family and luggage.