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Car Rentals in Kauai

The Island is small and to get the most out of a visit we suggest booking a car rental in Kauai at the airport upon arrival. Having a vehicle makes visiting all the distinct areas a possibility as the public transit system does not cater to tourists.

Our company offers the top car rentals Kauai has to offer, including competitive rates, lower rates for young driver fees and multiple extra drivers that are not found with all car rental companies in the United States. Discount Hawaii Car Rental offers bookings for economy cars, full-size cars, SUVs and more. This combined with newer, low mileage vehicles guarantees a great deal for many.

Booking rental cars in Kauai is a much better option than a tour company as you have complete control of your movements and you are not confined to a specific route with 20 or so other visitors and their timelines.

Taxis give you some control but if visiting multiple locations fares add up quickly. In many cases our daily rental rate is comparable if not lower than a single taxi fare. Kauai has areas that are very spread out around the island, and you will want to visit many of the destinations.

Keep your own needs in mind. Spending all your time alone relaxing on the beach is a very different experience than traveling with a large group planning on exploring every aspect of the Island. Choose a rental car at Lihue airport carefully – your Kauai car rental is a big part of your trip planning. Make the car suit your needs.

Medium to large families often rent a minivan to ensure there is enough space for supplies, children and luggage. Decide whether a GPS is a useful tool. A GPS unit costs more at the airport, and you might want to consider bringing your own, or downloading the Shaka Guide App for Kauai.

The smallest vehicles from car rental Kauai companies will most likely only hold 2 passengers and their luggage comfortably. Consider the size of your travel group, and their luggage volume when making a decision on your car rental in Kauai. If you find your car is too small when you arrive, it could cost you a lot at the counter to upgrade.

Car Rental Locations on Kauai

Airport Locations

Kauai Airport – LIH

Key Locations


The Island of Kauai

Kauai, Hawaii, USA


Although Kauai is the oldest of the visitable Hawaiian Islands it is only the fourth largest at approximately 560 square miles. It is well known for its relaxed atmosphere and Aloha spirit. The Island’s peaceful ambiance is celebrated by local residents and all those who are fortunate to visit.

Kauai is a popular destination for visitors that prefer a more leisurely vacation but still want the opportunity to pursue adventures. Kauai is best known for its breathtaking landscapes viewable only while hiking the abundant Rainforest trails. However, more leisurely and family-oriented activities can range from swimming and surfing to ziplining, horseback riding and even open air helicopter flights.

Whether you prefer luxurious resorts or camping under the stars there is a reason for everyone to visit Kauai. We suggest booking a car rental in Kauai, Hawaii so you can visit the numerous parks and landmarks. Not to mention the 50 + miles of beautiful white sand beaches the Island has to offer.

Finding the best car rental at Lihue airport location will make the trip to the Costco 4 miles away from the airport car rental location easy, where you can stock up on necessities.

Waimea Falls offers an amazing drive through Canyons and is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Regardless of the type of car you prefer, a convertible or a cheap car rental in Kauai, this drive will inspire. Be sure to choose a clear day so the views can be enjoyed, and allow at least 3 hours to make this trip.

When driving through the town of Hanapepe you may want to stop and view the talented local artist shops. Stop on a Friday night for the open air artists studios, and food trucks. Or let the kids experience the thrill of crossing the Hanapepe Swinging Bridge. Koloa offers you the chance to shop at a converted plantation for gifts and souvenirs.

Poipu greets visitors with premium resorts, fine dining and sleek shopping facilities at the Southernmost tip of the Island. You will have your choice of a handful of child friendly beaches where Turtle watching, hiking or just lounging on the beach are encouraged.

Wailua Falls was filmed as the backdrop to the intro of Fantasy Island. Where the 175 foot falls carve the shores of the Wailua river back to the Pacific Ocean. Kapaa restaurants offer farm to table cuisine with amazing views while local shops offer Red Dirt T-shirts dyed with the unique dirt of the Island. Imprinting the spirit of the Island for visitors to wear proudly.

Botanical Gardens offer various sculpted landscapes and bird tours as you arrive in Princeville. With over 500 varieties of plants, 100 native only to Kauai and 80 species of birds, this is a naturalist’s Paradise.

With direct access to numerous beaches, sprawling golf courses and secluded trails, Princeville may just be the best kept secret for relaxing in all of Hawaii.

Things to Do on Kauai

Kalalau Trail

Possibly the most challenging adventure hike available on Kauai. The Kalalau Hiking Trail provides exclusive access to the Napali Coast and a private 100 foot waterfall. Walk the same 10 mile stretch through the Kalalau Valley as the Hawaiian Ancestors did.

Kauai Helicopter

A popular activity is taking a very unique 1 hour Helicopter flight exploring the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea Canyon. Enjoy viewing the rare species of plants and birds at one of the wettest spots on earth. Awe in the rippled razor sharp sculptured cliffs of The Na Pali Coast.

Guided Activities

Where else can you ride a Horse under a waterfall? Whale watching tours or a sunset dinner sail are a great way to spend time on the water. How about taking in a theatrical Luau performance while eating traditional cuisine? These are just a few of the luxury guided options to deepen your intimate relationship with Kauai.


Are rental cars available in kauai?

Yes, rental cars are available in Kauai. Discount Hawaii Car Rental offers rental cars from the airport in Lihue at the best prices available from most major rental brands.

Can I get a month long Kauai cheap car rental?

Yes, longer term car rentals are popular with those that are staying for extended periods of time, whether at a hotel or other vacation rental. Longer rentals often offer the lowest cost per day average. Some companies will break up rentals of over 60 days at the counter and may require you to drop off a vehicle to the pick-up location for servicing. The benefit, you get a fresh vehicle that day.

Is it necessary to rent a car on Kauai?

In most cases, yes, as the island is spread out and a car is needed to travel between areas. There is a bus service, but it does not cater to tourists. Taxis get expensive for longer day trips or multiple excursions.

Do I need a 4wd vehicle anywhere on Kauai?

No - any rental car type can provide for you will get you where you need to go, as long as you stay on the paved roads. There are some road restrictions on Kauai where rental cars are not allowed, and you would need to check at the counter when you pick up your vehicle. Often suppliers will provide a map detailing restrictions. With one of our rental cars, Kauai is easy to navigate.

Can I drive around Kauai in one day?

Yes, although you can not actually drive completely around the Island due to the mountain range. But at just under 30 miles tip to tip and side to side car renters could navigate the entire Island in just one day.

Should I book my Kauai car rental before arriving?

Yes, to get the best rate we suggest booking as soon as you have your plans finalized then check back with us periodically for lower rates.

Are there any age restrictions for renting a car in Kauai?

Kauai rental car customers between the ages of 20 and 24 are considered underage drivers and must pay a young driver fee of $25 to $35 per day. We can provide a discounted price of $10 per day, but the customer will have restricted Kauai car rental options.

Can I add additional drivers to my car rental agreement?

Yes, you can add drivers. Unlike many other companies, our Kauai car rentals allow free extra drivers. For each driver at a car rental, Kauai companies will usually charge $13 per day plus tax.

Can I rent a car with a foreign driver's license in Kauai?

Yes, you can book a car rental in Kauai, no matter where you’re from! Suppose your license is in a language other than English. In that case, you must show an International Driver’s License, your regular driver’s license, and your passport in order to book Kauai rental cars and pick up your reservation.

What are the peak seasons for car rentals in Kauai, and how far in advance should I book?

Typically, the busiest times are from the middle of June to early September, when many people use car rentals in Kauai to see Hawaii’s beauty. All car rental Kauai businesses will have low inventory during this time! Plan to book your trip online at least three months in advance for better deals and to ensure you can access rental cars in Kauai.

Kauai Island Information

  • Oldest of the visitable Hawaiian Islands
  • 4th largest Island of Hawaii
  • Home of Waimea Canyon “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”
  • Known as the Garden Island, supports Over 80 species of birds and 500 plant species
  • Contains the longest stretch of continual beach (15 miles) in the State of Hawaii, Kekaha beach

If you’re looking to explore the island consider renting a Jeep in Kauai.

Cities in Kauai


Picturesque, with an abundance of waterfalls, beaches and everything outdoors. With the charm of Old Hawaii, and the largest bay on the island, Hanalei is a must see destination - you might even fall in love with it. To ensure you can explore all the best spots in Kauai, rent a car to take in the island's natural beauty.
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Poipu is known for its beaches - some of the best in the country for swimming, diving, and various water sports. If you are looking for a place to watch the sunset - you found it here, the sunsets are spectacular.
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Lihue is the main town on Kauai, where you will find shopping areas, including Costco, as well as some great accommodations. Quiet beaches can be found near the cruise ship terminal at Nawiliwili Harbor.
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