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Renting a Car in Maui, Hawaii

The second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is a great location for travelers looking for adventure and/or a place to just relax. Many visitors believe this is the only island to visit and return year after year to enjoy their own small piece of Paradise.

Many vacations will start with a car rental in Maui Hawaii, at either the Kapalua or Kahului airports. Pick up at Maui airport is made easy with a dedicated tram ride to and from the car rental company’s airport location. Kapalua – West Maui airport is supported by individual supplier shuttle service that is located outside of arrival baggage claim.

It is best to book a vehicle prior to your arrival so there are no unwanted surprises. We strive for pleasant customer service and strong support. We look forward to servicing your next Hawaiian vacation.
Are you planning to challenge yourself with the Waihee Ridge or some other exciting Trail? Or are you in pursuit of the perfect sunrise at Haleakala’s peak? Either case makes a rental vehicle in Maui almost essential.

Piling into a crowded tour bus or trying to coordinate with the limited public transit system is not for everyone. Why not book a cheap rental car in Maui with us and enjoy the control and convenience that comes with it? It may even end up costing less than paying expensive taxi fares as required.
With nearly 200 miles of perimeter Highway there is plenty of opportunity to explore and find your favorite Maui spot in your Maui car rental.

The convertible Ford Mustang and Jeep Wrangler enhance the scenic drive along the Hana highway from to the Seven Sacred Pools of Ohe’o.
There are many breathtaking locations to hone your photography skills. Attending a traditional Luau provides an authentic meal while giving the chance to record some Native rituals such as Hula and Warrior dance. Maui’s Garden of Eden Arboretum encourages an up close and personal pictorial experience. Whereas an exclusive helicopter tour provides a truly thrilling bird’s eye view of the Island.

More than 400 couples visit Maui each year to confirm their love for each other in a once in a lifetime paradise wedding. We are happy to be part of the experience and help the newlyweds find the best car rental for their Hawaiian wedding or honeymoon. Popular with honeymooners, Maui offers a bit of everything from golfing, hiking for all experience levels, biking down Haleakala, and superb dining— including farm to table cuisine.
Snorkeling and scuba cruises are popular, as are the sunset dinner cruises. You can take a tour to Molokini, a crater off of Maui that is world-renowned for snorkeling.

A car rental in Maui Airport is important, as there are no major buses to take you around the island, and various areas are quite spread apart. May people ask “Do I need a rental car in Maui?” and we almost always say yes for this reason. If you take a shuttle or taxi to and from your accommodation to the airport, you will still be spending significant money, and you will be stuck in your general area, not able to tour the island. Maui cheap car rentals are available in some of the resort areas for rental for a day, or a few days if you wish to avoid a rental for your entire trip.

Car Rental Locations on Maui

The Island of Maui

The Island of Maui
Hawaii, USA

Choosing a Rental Car on Maui

Once you arrive in Maui (most likely at Kahului Airport (OGG)) the island can best be seen by renting a car. Other than taking a scheduled tour, there really is no other way to get around and enjoy what Maui has to offer. Our company has the ability to offer great deals on the price of your rental, as well as added benefits that are not always available when you book directly with the car companies in Maui. These benefits include free extra drivers and reduced young driver rates.

Car rentals on Maui will allow you to get to places that are not accessible by transit, or can be very expensive if traveling by taxi.

Travelling with one other person, and spending most of your time relaxing on the beach or in the neighbourhood will make your car rental needs very different from a large group planning on exploring every aspect of the Island. Choose carefully – your Maui car rental is a big part of your trip planning.

Talk with your travel companions and get a good idea of what you will be using your rental car for. Maui rental cars must be large enough to include both passengers and luggage to and from Maui airport, as well as people and their gear for exploration and adventures. Discount Hawaii Car Rental offers many types of car types, including SUVs, minivans, economy cars and more.

The smallest vehicles will most likely only hold 2 passengers and their luggage comfortably. Consider the size of your travel group, and their luggage sizes when making a decision on your car rental in Maui. Our customer service agents are very experienced with questions regarding both the size and type of vehicle you may need.

Things to Do in Maui

Hop in your Maui rental car and visit the Maui Ocean Center and aquarium. It is a wonderful place to see and learn about Hawaiian marine life, complete with a gift store for local souvenirs. They also offer great whale watching tours, teaching about the life and migration of the whales and providing opportunities to practice your photographic skills as the whales breach.

Maui’s towns are both rustic and vibrant. Take your Maui rental car to the artist town of Paia, for some of the best natural food establishments on the island. Nearby is Hookipa, the best surfing location for both participating in and watching the giant surf breaks.

A visit to the historic town of Lahaina and its bustling Front Street, filled with restaurants, shopping and art galleries, will take you to the famous Banyan tree. Planted in 1873, and hosting 16 individual yet connected trunks; this is one of the biggest Banyan trees in the entire world and a great backdrop for photos. Visit the art market under the shade of the tree in Lahaina’s Banyan Court Park, and inside the old courthouse.

After picking up your Maui rental car, take the road to Hana, where you will see picturesque waterfalls and lush rainforests. The beauty along this drive will amaze you, with more green foliage than you can imagine. As you continue your drive towards Hana, make sure to stop at mile marker 7, and take in the rainbow eucalyptus trees.

There are more beaches to discover on Maui than you can find time to explore – 120 miles of coastline with over 80 accessible beaches, some being the best beaches in Maui for snorkeling.

Not everyone thinks about camping in Maui, but that is a whole other experience to be explored. There are different Maui campgrounds available in various parts of the island, allowing you to spend more time in nature, and building new memories.
Maui golf courses are some of the best, and if you like to golf, you won’t be disappointed.

Whether you’re on a sunset cruise, enjoying Kahului or Kihei, or taking in the world famous beaches of Kaanapali or Makena, there is no sunset like a Maui sunset.

It’s time to plan your Maui road trip, and include as many activities as you can possibly handle

Popular Maui Activities

Haleakala – a sunrise or sunset trip to the top of Haleakala

Maui has a huge shield volcano that covers most of the island. Getting to the top and experiencing a sunrise or sunset is unbelievable. Hike, ride a bike or plan a trip down into the crater.

Driving the Road to Hana

65 miles of the most incredible scenery you can imagine, from rainbow colored eucalyptus trees to blowholes, waterfalls, and the lushest greenery imaginable along this long and winding road.

Ocean Activities

Ocean tours including Maui fishing, whale watching, parasailing and sunset dinner cruises are popular options. The ocean around Maui has so much to offer including finding and exploring the many beaches.

Car Rentals in Maui FAQs

How much does it cost to rent a car in Maui?

The cost of renting a car in Maui is typically between $30 and $150 per day. This seems like quite a range of pricing as rates for each car rental OGG location will vary by season and by car type. Prices can also fluctuate depending upon the car company, as they do offer some models at lower rates as promotions at different times. We always recommend booking the best option you find when you first search our website. It is always free to book and cancel. Then you know you have a car booked, and you can keep checking the website for better rates. Every time you find a better rate, book it then cancel the old reservation. If prices end up going up, at least you know you booked a lower rate well in advance.

Can I get a month long Maui cheap car rental?

Yes, longer term car rentals are popular with renters that are staying for extended periods of time, and allow some days where you are only paying the taxes on the rental. Some car rental companies will break up longer term rentals of over 60 days at the counter and may require you to drop off and exchange a car if it is a much longer rental so the car can get serviced.

Is a car rental necessary on Maui?

In most cases, yes, as the island is spread out and a car is needed to travel between areas. There is a bus service, but it is not necessarily great for touring, and may not get you where you want to go. Taxis can get expensive for longer day trips.

Do I need a 4wd vehicle anywhere on Maui?

No - any rental car will get you where you need to go, as long as you stay on the paved roads. There are some road restrictions on Maui where rental cars are not allowed, and you would need to check at the counter when you pick up your Maui car rental.

What is the most popular rental car in Maui?

Maui car rental popularity depends on the needs of the client. Jeep Wranglers are very popular, and often sell out fast because many people like to rent these sport vehicles to take the road to Hana, or the driver up to Haleakala. But this is not necessary - smaller vehicles will also get you there. Minivans sell out fast, as many families need a vehicle that will hold all of their passengers and possibly strollers, etc., so if you need a larger vehicle, book early.

The larger SUV’s will also hold 7 passengers, and are a great option. And there is the convertible, with the roof that comes down at the push of a button, and can be put back up very quickly if the weather shifts, or if you are getting too much sun. For the average person who just needs a car, and wants to save money - the compact and midsize are also most popular, and can sell out fast, as they are rented so often by the cost-conscious. They are also easiest to park.

How much does it cost to rent a car in Maui?

Maui cheap rental cars can be found, but you have to be willing to take some time. We always recommend you come onto our website as soon as you have locked in your flight details and know your arrival and departure dates and times. Look for the best car for your needs, and book it. At least then you know you have a car. Prices can fluctuate, so you can always come back and search again, booking lower rates as they come available. But often, the rates go up closer to your departure date, so you can rest assured you booked early and got the best rate.
Prices can also differ by season, and cars can be quite pricey during the higher seasons, which is why many savvy travelers tend to travel in the off-season, as there really is no off-season in Hawaii, just less visitors at certains times of the year.

What fuel options are available in Maui?

Maui gas stations will all have the fuel options that you will need for your Maui rental car. Even the Costco store has a gas station available. Just remember, when you are returning your vehicle, fill it up within 5 miles of the car rental facility so you don’t get charged a fee for gas.

Maui Island Information

  • 2nd Largest of the Hawaiian Islands
  • No one can legally own a beach on Maui
  • Home of Haleakala, the largest dormant volcano in the world
  • Maui has 81 accessible beaches
  • Voted “best Island in the world” over 16 times by Conde Nast Magazine
  • Happy face spiders are only found in Hawaii

If you’re looking to explore the island consider renting a Jeep in Maui.

Cities on Maui


A key destination on Maui for aquatic enthusiasts who dream of exploring sprawling beaches of white sand and crystal blue water. Packed with glamorous shops, prestigious golf courses and regal Resorts, Kaanapali is distinctly fit for royalty.
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Wailea is a luxurious resort community on Maui bursting with signature spas and stellar golf courses. World class restaurants, entertainment and destination shopping attract the higher echelon of travelers. It's six crescent shaped beaches scallop the coast and provide a spacious and friendly snorkeling environment with occasional whale watching opportunities.
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Kapalua is located in the Northwest area of Maui at the foot of the West Maui mountains, near the popular towns of Lahaina, Kaanapali and Napili. Panoramic ocean views, ranching, hiking and beautiful beaches abound.
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One of the most popular towns on the island of Maui. Steeped in history dating back centuries, Lahaina offers art galleries, tours, shopping, and some of the best dining on the island.
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On the island of Maui, Kihei is known for its more reasonably priced accommodations and dining. Closer to everything, Kihei is a great place to start your trip - with beaches all over the place, and lots of choices for accommodations from condo buildings to resorts.
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Although Kahului is not considered a major tourist town, it all starts here - shopping for groceries at Costco or necessities at Target, are two of the most popular options for traveling to Kahului. Yes, there are beaches here as well, and are known as great places to relax once you have checked out of your accommodation and are waiting for your flight home.
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