Van Rental in Hawaii

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If you are planning a Hawaiian vacation with a large family or just coordinating a road trip with a group, chances are you will benefit from renting a van. More often than not it is the best bang for the buck while getting everyone and their belongings around comfortably and safely.

All Hawaii van rentals come with standard features including automatic transmission, air conditioning, CD player, dual airbags, and ABS brakes. The models of vans offered are constantly changing but at the present, the Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Pacifica, and Toyota Sienna are the most common. All will offer seating for seven with room for at least 5 pieces of luggage.

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van rental in hawaii

Why choose a van rental in Hawaii?

The van offers abundant cabin space with ample passenger room with a slightly smaller footprint than comparable full-size SUVs. Thoughtful seating positions make for a smooth transition for elderly travelers. Convenient rear sliding doors open wide making entry and exit trouble-free.

Versatility is deliberate with rear seats that can be folded down or away to increase passenger or storage requirements as needed. Apart from being spacious for passengers and cargo, vans are also fuel-efficient thus granting an attractive benefit to unlimited mileage.

Minivans provide excellent visibility and a smooth peppy ride. Seating for seven with moderate luggage makes it a great choice for larger families. Effortless loading and unloading of supplies and gear are facilitated by a wide-opening rear hatch.

Our suppliers offer a premium lineup of vans at various locations including Hilo and Kona on the Big Island, Kaanapali and Kahului Maui, Hoolehua Molokai, Lihue Kauai, and Honolulu & Waikiki on Oahu.

At Discount Hawaii Car Rental our contracted rates ensure that you get significant benefits such as free additional drivers, unlimited mileage, and low young driver fees with every van rental in Hawaii. All backed by a hassle-free, no-penalty cancelation policy you truly have nothing to lose.

Popular van rentals in Hawaii

Models are constantly changing but currently, these are the prevalent choices.

Dodge Grand Caravan

  • (20gal tank/20MPG)
  • Front Wheel drive / 280HP
  • 7 seats
Toyota Sienna

  • (20gal tank/22/MPG)
  • Front Wheel drive / 296 HP
  • 7 seats
Chrysler Pacifica

  • (19gal tank/22/MPG)
  • Front Wheel drive / 287 HP
  • 7 seats

Tips for Renting a Van in Hawaii

The van rentals Hawaii rental companies offer are diverse, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences, ensuring you can find the perfect vehicle for your island adventures. But before you begin your vacation and reserve a van rental in Hawaii, there are some important procedures to follow and tips to keep in mind.

  • When picking up your Hawaii van rental, make sure you have your driver’s license ready to confirm your reservation. If you’re traveling from out of the country, you must also have your passport ready. If your driver’s license isn’t printed in English, you will also need an international driver’s license in addition to your normal driver’s license when picking up your rental.
  • Double-check which company you reserved your van rental through. You can take a shuttle to our rental company when you arrive at the airport. We will provide you with a confirmation number and an email with all of the details regarding your rental details and costs. By having the pricing information ready, you can ensure you aren’t being charged any extraneous fees.
  • Any extra drivers will need to accompany you to the rental services desk. They will need to have their driver’s licenses available and sign any necessary rental paperwork.
  • All drivers who wish to rent a van in Hawaii must be 20 years old or older. Drivers between 20 and 24 years old are considered underage drivers and may incur extra daily fees, have limits on the types of vehicles available for rent, and won’t be able to rent a van with a debit card. Anyone 25 and older may rent a van with no age-specific fees or limitations.
  • In terms of van rental location restrictions, the biggest one is the top of Mauna Kea. No rental companies allow you to take a rented van to the highest points of the mountain. Otherwise, you can essentially drive wherever regular passenger vehicles can go.

Driving in Hawaii

Hawaii is a breathtaking destination, offering unparalleled experiences and attractions that make it a must-visit location. However, before you book your van rental, Hawaii visitors need to remember these tips:

  • Be vigilant about car security in Hawaii; always lock your van to prevent theft and break-ins.
  • Protect your car key from water damage. With modern vehicles relying on electronic fobs, exposure to moisture can lead to malfunction, potentially leaving you stranded. Given Hawaii’s beach-centric activities, safeguard your key to avoid costly replacements.
  • Compliance with child seat laws is mandatory. Ensure young passengers who meet the age and size criteria are seated in appropriate child seats.
  • Be mindful of Hawaii’s unique driving conditions, including numerous single-lane routes. If driving below the speed limit, it’s legally required to allow trailing traffic to pass by pulling over.
  • Give precedence to funeral processions; they have the right of way on the roads.
  • Signal at least 100 feet before making a turn, as mandated by Hawaii law.
  • Observe Hawaii’s lower speed limits, which are among the nation’s lowest: 60 mph on interstates, 45 to 55 mph on highways, 25 to 45 mph within city limits, and 25 mph in school zones.
  • Avoid parking on sidewalks; it’s prohibited.
  • Park your vehicle no more than 12 inches from the curb to comply with local regulations.
  • Refrain from double parking, as it’s illegal.

Embrace the local customs and show respect to Hawaii’s residents by driving courteously and adhering to the state’s driving regulations.


Should I rent a van in Hawaii?

Yes, If you appreciate driving a fuel-efficient vehicle with plenty of passenger leg and headroom.

Can the seats of the van be removed?

No, our suppliers do not allow removal of seats however you can check upon pick up if a model with fold-flat seats is available.

What kind of gas mileage does a minivan rental get?

These vehicles offer gas mileage ranging between 16 mpg and 23 mpg.

Do I have to clean the van before I return it?

No, average usage wear is expected but if you leave excess sand, debris, or stains behind you run the risk of additional charges.

Are there any age restrictions for renting a van in Hawaii?

Drivers over 25 may rent vans with no additional age-related charges. Drivers between 20 and 24 are classified as underage drivers and generally have to pay a young driver fee of $25-$35 per day. As a bonus to young drivers who rent through us, we offer discounted rates at $10 per day. Young drivers may not rent vans using a debit card.

How many drivers can I have on my agreement?

It depends on the rental car company you use to book your van. Many offer two free extra drivers; some allow spouses to drive for free, and others charge an extra fee for additional drivers.
The people in your party who plan to drive the van must accompany you to the rental counter with their driver’s licenses. They will then have to fill out paperwork to be allowed to drive.

I have a foreign driver’s license. Can I rent a van in Hawaii?

Yes, as long as you present your passport and driver’s license from your home country, you may rent a van in Hawaii. If you’re a traveler whose license is printed in a language other than English, you must also have an international driver’s license. Make sure to present it with your standard license when you book your rental.

What are the peak seasons for van rentals in Hawaii?

Peak travel season in Hawaii spans from December through April, showcasing the islands at their most temperate and inviting. Additionally, July marks another high-demand period, as schools are on break, facilitating family travel. To secure your preferred vehicle without hassle, book your van rental at least a month before your trip, especially if you're looking for a new van to enhance your travel experience.

Van Rental Types

15 Passenger Vans

Replacing the need of 3 cars the 15 passenger van offers the most seating capacity of all the vehicles in the rental lineup. These vehicles have automatic transmission and a baggage rating of 3 pieces. No special license is required to drive.
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12 Passenger Vans

There is no need to rent multiple vehicles or sacrifice comfort with this rental. A full size van is a great way to keep a family or group, of up to 12, together while exploring Hawaii. With a baggage rating of up to 8 pieces you can always have your necessities close at hand.
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Cargo Vans

If you need to move large items or need to relocate all of your possessions a cargo van may be your best option. This vehicle offers seating for 2 allowing for the maximum room for your precious cargo. With a large loading area and d-anchor lockdowns your cargo will travel with you safe and sound.
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