Cargo Van Rentals

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The cargo van was designed to assist in situations that call for maximum utility.
If you are required to transport large items or are moving all of your possessions that just can’t get wet, a cargo van may be your best option.

This vehicle class can manage payloads of up to 3500 pounds, driven by a powerful V6 engine that offers the strength needed to get the job done properly.

The combination of coil springs with stabilizer bar and a Hypoid Multi-Leaf suspension support heavy loads, ensuring a safe drive while maintaining responsive handling.

For loading smaller items you have access to a hinged door behind the passenger seat. For larger items there are double barn style hinged doors at the rear that offer an opening width of 57 inches accessing the 230 + cubic foot cargo area.

If you are lucky enough to get help there is vinyl bucket seating for two and a modest entertainment console to keep you on track.


The use of a cargo van will benefit many activities. A freight van is a flexible companion for work and leisure. Whether it is a ride to the beach with surf gear, a sprint to the depot for building supplies or if you are a student that needs to move furniture or appliances this van will be of great aid.

These vehicles include powerful engines, advanced passenger and driver airbags, and seating for 2 people, leaving the utmost room per load. With a cargo area of at least 52 inches wide by 125 in length it offers the largest unobstructed covered cargo area of any vehicle in the rental lineup. Making it suitable for items impossible to transport in the common rent a car.

Some convenient features worth noting are a 12-volt power outlet as well as a 3-prong auxiliary household-style outlet which can be used to plug in electrical equipment, such as a cell phone or other portable devices.

There are also a series of d-ring anchors attached to the floor of the cargo area to ensure items stay safe and secure.


Chevy Express Cargo Van

  • (30gal tank/17MPG)
  • Rear Wheel drive
  • 276HP
  • 2 seats


Can I drive off-road with the cargo rental?

No, off-road driving is restricted for all vehicles.

Can I tow a trailer with a rental cargo van?

No, unfortunately suppliers do not allow towing.

Am I allowed to use this vehicle for work?

Each location will have varying policies so it is important to confirm with your provider prior to using a vehicle in a work environment.