Mustang Rentals

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Explore the Hawaiian islands in style

Explore the Hawaiian islands in style with a convertible Mustang. Absorb the sun, and arouse your spirits with this inspiring open air chariot. Embrace the sounds of the great outdoors as you cruise the exclusive Hawaiian peaks and valleys. Cherish all the delights the ancient Islands have to offer, book your convertible Mustang rental car today!

We strongly recommend renting a convertible Mustang to truly experience Hawaii’s awe-inspiring coastal Highways, breathtaking sights, and unique beaches. The iconic curves and throaty growl of the Mustang have made it one of the most popular vehicles on the market for decades. Ford’s recent upgrades provide an even more responsive powerplant while maintaining decent fuel economy.

The Ford Mustang

Driving a Ford Mustang with the top down and music blaring proves an exhilarating ride. Notably an experience best suited for 2, although there are 4 seatbelts, as the rear seating is less than ideal for grown passengers. The Mustang is one of the only rental cars in the lineup that will promise that there is nothing between you and the sky as the wind whips through your hair.

The convertible Mustang provides the best of both worlds, combining exciting outdoor adventure with a refined exotic feel. Ample power and fat tires confirm responsive handling and ensure this car is ready for action. Oppositely, this vehicle fairs well as an art piece, patiently waiting for you in the parkade.

Regardless if you just finished surfing the reef, or fine dining you’ll appreciate walking up to your shiny stallion at the end of the day knowing that you have at least one more exciting ride at hand.

Rates for the Mustang are sensible comparably to the normal car rental options available. You probably won’t even remember the difference in price but you will remember the driving experience.