Big Island Activities

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Tours and Activities on the Big Island

We have curated a selection of the most popular tours, and some of our favorites for you to consider. Choose from amongst these best sellers for the Big Island, and create your own memories, building once in a lifetime adventures for you and your family. Browse through the tours to the Mauna Kea Summit, the night time manta ray dives, and the whale watching cruises, or opt for a lava tour and learn more about the volcano activity on the island. We give these tours our thumbs up!

From the summit of Mauna Kea, to the depths of the Pacific Ocean, the possibilities are endless for adventure. Taking a tour will give you the advantage of sitting back and enjoying the scene while someone guides you through the exploration of land and water. Allow an instructor to help you learn to snorkel, or find the best whale watching ever. Try your hand at diving, paddle boarding, boating, helicopter tours, ziplining – the adventures await. The best possible opportunities to experience the most popular tours are at your fingertips.

Things to Consider

Tours can be arranged that cater to many different groups of people. Circumstances such as fitness of your group, weather conditions and length of the activity should always be considered. Some activities may be private customized guided tours, while others will be inclusive to others. Some activities can be bundled and make it a multi tour day.

When your Hawaiian vacation is over and you’re all back home, the activities you took part in, will bring you and your family the most rewarding memories.