Save Time and Skip the Hassle with Honolulu Airport's Cell Phone Lot

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The Two Honolulu Airport Cell Phone Lots

You’ve just arrived in Honolulu for a vacation. Congrats! You’re in for an incredible adventure, whether hiking around Diamond Head, snorkeling, relaxing on a beach, or visiting historic sites. Regardless of your plans, your trip will most likely begin with picking up a rental car and then driving back to the airport to transport your friends or family. Since parking at Honolulu Airport costs money, you’ll want to use a free Honolulu Airport cell phone lot.

Either cell phone lot Honolulu Airport provides is free, so long as you’re using it to pick up passengers who just arrived. They’re both first-come, first-serve. The direction you plan to go when you leave the airport may influence which lot you use.

Diamond Head Cell Phone Area

The Diamond Head cell phone lot is east of the airport, near the freeway on-ramp, south of Aolele Street, and east of Aolewa Street.

To reach the Diamond Head cell phone lot, turn west on Aolele Street from Lagoon Drive. You can also exit the freeway toward the airport, then turn right onto Aolele Street at the intersection of Aolele and Paiea Streets. That will be your preferred lot if you need to go north or south for your trip.

Ewa Cell Phone Waiting Area

The Ewa cell phone lot is north of the airport on Service Road A, which runs south and parallel to Nimitz Highway, just west of Aolele Street. To get to the Ewa cell phone lot from the east, get off the freeway to Nimitz Highway under the viaduct. Then, make a U-turn on Aolele Street and head to the Cell Phone Waiting Area entrance at Service Road A on your right.

If you’re coming from the west, exit the freeway to Nimitz Highway under the viaduct and head into the Cell Phone Waiting Area on Service Road A on your right.

Cell Phone Lot FAQs

What Are Cell Phone Lots at Airports?

Cell phone lots are for drivers who are waiting to pick up passengers arriving at the airport.

Why Is It Called a Cell Phone Lot?

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, airports put in temporary waiting lots to keep drivers from idling near airport terminals. The name “cell phone lots” comes from the idea that the people waiting there would use their cell phones to let passengers know where to find them.

Are Cell Phone Lots Free?

While standard Honolulu Airport parking and economy parking at Honolulu Airport will cost you, there is no charge for parking at an airport cell phone lot. However, the maximum wait time is one hour, and drivers must stay inside their cars. Any vehicles left unattended will get a citation and then be towed away. Commercial vehicles are not allowed.

Plan Your Hawaiian Adventure Today

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